My Mission

Hey! My name is Kelsey Burack, and I enjoy the sweeter side of life.

After recovering from a second degree burn at age twelve my life was forever changed. Being treated to our very own Joseph M Still Burn Center at Doctors hospital, I saw how helpless and scared children where within the confines of a caring facility. Ignited with a sense of aid, I was able to coordinate with my local student government and raise funds through bake sales throughout middle and high school to donate to local causes including Shop with the Docs, The Burn Foundation, and even more personally to a family navigating the difficulties of their daughter diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. 

A nod to my Pop, "That's the bottom line, end of case!" he would exclaim as a way to finish a story from his heydays in the NYPD. Gathered around the dining table listening to Poppy, food was the foundation that brought us all together. Here at Bottom Line Bakery, I want to ignite conversation about the sweeter side of life. Whether that's aiding the community, going on a walk at dusk and listening to the frogs sing, or reading a good book with a cup of good coffee and an awesome scone, I'm here to spread a little sweetness. 

Every gathering is built on a foundation of good food. I'm not here to bring your friends and family to the table, but I can certainly help keep them there. Whether you're celebrating, mourning, or it's just another Monday, my hope is to make life just a little sweeter. 

~ Kelsey Burack

Serving the Augusta and Aiken areas. 

Tel: 706.750.8768

Let's be friends and have cookies

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